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The landing zone of the normandy invasion is the most popular theme for anglo saxon visitors to normandy but normandy.

W.C. Fields once said ' History...... is just one darned thing after another.'

Many would share that jaundiced view, but come to Normandy and history will live for you.

Normandy's one historical site after another.

From William the Conqueror's birthplace to his capital and chateau. Through the hundred years war and Joan of Arc. 14th, 15th century half timbered houses and manors. Then of course the D day landing beaches.

Where's the eighth wonder of the world? Where does Camembert cheese come from? Where does the famous apple brandy Calvados come from?... Normandy !

William the Conqueror sailed from Normandy to be the last man to have invaded England. One of his companions in arms was a certain Montgommery. One of his descendants came back 900 years later to liberate this land.